The Riverbank

The Riverbank, directed by John L'Ecuyer and starring Kari Matchett and Ken Welsh, premiered as the opening night Gala presentation at the 2012 Cinefest in Sudbury to a sold out audience. Based on the novel, Tracing Iris, by Genni Gunni, The Riverbank is an ingenious ... Now screening on The Movie Network and Movie Central and currently being sold internationally by College Street Pictures. Put The Riverbank on the News Page on the first home page: 'The Riverbank, directed by John L'Ecuyer and starring Kari Matchett and Ken Welsh, premiered as the opening night Gala presentation at the 2012 Cinefest in Sudbury to a sold out audience.

Atomic Love

'The Film Works has teamed up with Dash Ham of Israel to produce a new comedy by Dror Shaul, the man behind Sweet Mud, winner of Sundance and Berlin.

Two teenage girls from nuclear towns in Israel and Iran, spill their country's most valuable secrets on Facebook, trying to prevent a nuclear crisis.

Itís hard enough to be a teenager, working in the family Falafel food truckwith her mother, whoís in the ninth year of grieving the loss of her husband. But Nofar Azrian, 15, sells falafel to soldiers perpetually ready for war, and her hometown is the site of Israelís secret nuclear weapons program.

When a Canadian international weapons inspector (Lester Bowles Pearson, "Skeeter") visits, the Israeli military sees a threat to national security, but Nofar sees a chance for her mother to fall in love again.

Israelís top brass brings its full weight to bear on the relationship, humiliating Nofar to get her to back down Ė but theyíve never taken on a fifteen year-old girl before. With her fast-talking hacker boyfriend, Meron, she turns the tables on the Israeli military, accidentally spilling the countryís most valuable military secrets on Nofarís Facebook page.

Shooting is expected early in the new year with a premiere expected at the Toronto Film Festival in 2013.

In Darkness Oscar nomination for Best Foreign Film

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In Darkness is a Holocaust drama based on the true story of Leopold Socha, a Polish worker in Lvov who sheltered a group of Jews in the sewers of Nazi-occupied town. The film is nominated for an Academy Award in the Best Foreign Film Category.

To see a trailor for the film visit the official website or the oscar website

In Darkness Headed to Cinema for Peace

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In Darkness has been nominated for the Cinema for Peace Most Valuable Movie of the Year Award 2012.

The Cinema for Peace Most Valuable Film of the year award is presented to the makers of the film which offers the most valuable social, political, or humanitarian message of the year.

Since its premiere in 2002, the annual Cinema for Peace Gala has been aiming to raise awareness for the social relevance of films and to make active use of the influence of movies and documentaries on the perception and resolution of global social, political and humanitarian challenges of our time.

For more information about Cinema for Peace you can visit their website

In Darkness

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Director Agnieszka Holland has described this as her "third Holocaust movie, and hopefully last. 'Trilogy' sounds good." According to the buzz at the 2011 Telluride Film Festival, she saved the best for last, with this gripping true-life tale of a dozen of Polish Jews who spent 14 months hiding from their hunters in a sewer system, protected by a Polish sewer worker.

Following Telluride, In Darkness had its official World Premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival (see image top right), where the last surviving member of the group, Kristina (Chiger) Keren attended with her family (on stage with director Agnieszka image bottom right). In Darkness has been chosen as Polandís Official Selection for the 2012 Academy Awards for Best Foreign Film. The film will be released in early 2012 by Sony Pictures Classics in the US, Mongrel Media in Canada and worldwide through Beta Cinema.

You can check TIF screening times for In Darkness by visiting the official website for TIF.

Fly Colt Fly

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Shooting on the feature documentary, Fly Colt Fly, has begun off the west coast of Washington State and in Vancouver. Fly Colt Fly is the story of teenage outlaw Colton Harris-Moore, who had never even been in a plane before he hot-wired a Cessna and flew over 600 km, finally crashing in a field and vanishing into the wilderness. That was only the beginning...

Directed by the Gray Brothers, Adam and Andrew, the film is a creative point-of-view look at Coltonís life, using brilliant animation and dramatic recreation in this ground-breaking documentary. Distributed in Canada by Maple Pictures and sold to Movie Central and The Movie Network, for completion in 2012

You can visit the Fly Colt Fly blog at
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Oliver Sherman

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Oliver Sherman, Ryan Redfordís feature film debut, had a successful run in Canada and has found distribution in over twenty countries around the world through Wide Management of Paris and its innovative program, Eye on Film. In addition it has played at more than 15 festivals around the world, including the Toronto International Film Festival, Montreal Nouveau Film Festival, where it won Best Canadian Film, Cinefest Film Festival where it won Best First Time Feature, and at the Goteborg Film Festival in Sweden, where it was nominated for the Ingmar Bergmann First Feature Award.

Lives Of Our Neighbours

Lives of Our Neighbours is nearing completion with editing and post-production being handled by the Gray Brothers, Adam and Andrew, of Belleville. Final polishing is underway and the final mix and premiere will take place in September.